Traditional INEA Meeting at the ANS Conference
The traditional INEA meeting at the ANS Conference will be held at 12:00 noon in the Bonham B conference room in the Grand Hyatt hotel, San Antonio, TX. Please RSVP to rita.osment@inl.gov or phillip.finck@inl.gov

Regards, Phillip Finck
Postings, Updates, and Search for Member e-mail Addresses

Note the new postings addressing the LNT assumption for radiation protection.

A number of member addresses have been corrected. These corrections are noted in the latest member list. In addition, member street addresses and telephone numbers have been secured under password protection. Members Access Only can obtain the password by contacting the Academy’s Secretary-Treasurer, Reginald Vachon.

More than 20 e-mail entries are still incorrect, and some street addresses may still require updating. Please, if you will, help us to update missing or incorrect addresses.

Best regards,
Dan Meneley,
former Chairman
Clarence Hardy Obituary (first published in the publication Engineers Australia)